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My Mentor, Photographer and Friend

Nancy Rotenberg and Jeanine Leech at Babcock Mill

Nancy Rotenberg and Jeanine Leech at Babcock Mill

I've been lucky in my life, with the exception of grandparents, I haven't lost anyone close to me. That changed on Saturday August 27th, when Nancy Rotenberg lost her battle with cancer. She was an amazing woman, mentor, photographer and friend.

Back in the early days for her career, I was lucky enough to travel with her and photograph beside her - soaking in her knowledge and mostly her spirit. We spent hours behind our cameras capturing reflections - dancing inside as the light danced on our images. A happy dance.

There was my first trip the Adirondacks, where Nancy, Michael, mom and I spent a few days photographing together. It was truly special. Thanks to Nancy, I discovered "magic light" in those mountains. I love that place and I think it is because of Nancy and the memories I have of being with her. She taught me to go beyond the handshake and capture the essence.

Boot camp - that was my first workshop in Zion. I was young and unaware of what a workshop would be like. Up at 5 am are you kidding me? Well me with wet hair and all - headed out pre-dawn to capture magic. I recall several tripod legs interlocked around one puddle as we all discovered magic in one small place. It was photographic bounding. Surprisingly we all had different images. Nancy influence to find our own creative voices, indeed.

I look around my home and see her influence everywhere. Yes, I have a few of her images, but I see her spirit in my own work and life. She changed me, brought me out my shell and let me be the creative artist I always wanted to be. She taught me so much about life - all with a loving hug and comfort that only Nancy could provide. She gave me wings to fly.

I owe my photography career today to her. While, she didn't teach me sport photography, she give me the life lessons and photographic skills I needed to pursue my dream. She was a very unique and special person. I miss and love her.

Thank you, Nancy.



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